How to Change IP Address on iPhone [2022 Guide]

How to Change IP Address on iPhone


An IP address is also known as an Internet protocol address, that identifies your iPhone’s IP address or any other ios device that you use for browsing online. Furthermore, this article describes how to change IP address on iPhone if you want to change it for some reason to get a new one.

If you’re short on time, then read the specific.

  • NOTE: For renewal of lease go to  Settings then press  Wi Fi followed by Information and finally tap Renew Lease.
  • Static IP: Open settings then open Wi-Fi now tap on Configure IP followed by Manual finally, enter your IP address.
  • Restart your VPN (a virtual private network) to get a new IP address.

How to Change IP Address on iPhone (renew lease)

Below are the steps to get a new IP address from your routing device.

NOTE: It depends on your router’s (wi fi network) configuration assigning a new IP address.


  • Open your Settings application and then tap Wi Fi.
  • Available network connection list will appear and the one connected to your device has a blue mark. Tap the small icon  Information (i) for further details.


ios network settings


  • Now tap Renew Lease twice to get a new IP address as shown below.


ios network settings


How to enter a Static IP Address on the iPhone

For changing the IP address manually on an Apple’s mobile device follow the below-mentioned steps to enter a static IP address.

  • Open the Settings app and tap  Wi Fi option.
  • You will see an array of networks. Press the small (I) icon.


ios network settings


  • Now, Tap Configure IP, and finally, Tap Manual.
  • Enter the new static IP address and other details.


ios settings image


How to change IP address on iPhone with VPN


Mainly the (virtual private network) VPN app assigns your device a different IP address every time you connect to its servers. While using a VPN app you can get a number of different IP addresses. We got to know about some famous  VPN service providers that you can rely on that works well on all operating systems like Windows, Mac, Android, etc. Keep reading if you want to change IP address on your iPhone.


We have listed top VPN service providers below:


  1. ExpressVPN: We recommend it because it is the best VPN service provider at this moment.
  2. NordVPN: Trusted by many celebrities and especially Youtubers.
  3. Surfshark: Great speed and good for streaming.


Usage/features and what you must know about a VPN


  1. Subscribe to a VPN provider like ExpressVPN.
  2. Clear browser cookies and make sure your device is connected to a wi fi network.
  3. Install and open the VPN app.
  4. Connect the device to a server to get a new IP address on your iPhone.
  5. That’s it! Now you can easily access geo-restricted content.


Getting the IP addresses from a different region is not pretty difficult these days. All you need is a reliable VPN that doesn’t spy on your browsing history and can let you change your IP address anytime you want. These top-notch VPN services provide IP addresses from different countries like the United Kingdom (UK), Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.


Things you should know.

Things you should consider before subscribing and installing a VPN app on your ios device.

  • Maintains many servers present in several countries.
  • Unblocks geo-restrictions.
  • Available on all operating systems.
  • No data log storage.
  • Secure and high performance.
  • User-friendly VPN app.
  • No connectivity issue over wi fi network or data.


Features and details of the trusted VPN providers.

Please check the list of well-known VPN providers for business or personal use.



Express VPN



  • Unblocks the Streaming Services like  Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, YouTube and Hulu,
  • Apps & Devices Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS,  Smart TV and  (Android TV), 
  • DNS Leak protected.
  • Encryption Protocols 256-bit AES, OpenVPN
  • 5 devices are allowed on 1 account.
  • Compatible with latest wi fi routers and secures public IP address.
  • Website



ExpressVPN is a great and award-winning VPN provider that offers reliable service – including fast network connection speeds, user-friendly software, and solid customer support. The company has over 3,000 servers.

One of the service’s distinguishing features is its power to unblock geo-restricted streaming platforms. These include Netflix, Fox, Sky, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and more.

ExpressVPN boasts military-grade level encryption, and it is among the most reliable security frameworks available. The 256-bit AES CBC and HMAC authentication protect your data from being pilfered, and state-of-the-art forward secrecy prevents your past sessions of yours from being exposed. ExpressVPN also includes a ‘network lock’ (kill switch), which guarantees that your internet gets cut.

It allows its users to watch movies, and enjoy other content from abroad. It offers its apps for a variety of systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.



  1. Super reliable and fast service.
  2. Can unblock all major streaming services.
  3. Military-grade encryption technology.
  4. 24/7 customer service.


  1. Not a cheap option.




Nord VPN



  • Unblocks the streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube, BBC iPlayer,
  • Available on all platforms.
  • DNS Leak protected.
  • NordLynx encryption protocol.
  • A number of 6 devices can use at a time.
  • Website


NordVPN has hundreds of servers all over the globe. Which means a global network in 60+ countries. Their service is super reliable and fast. This is the perfect solution for those wanting a public IP address from any country. They’re also one of the few providers that allow their customers to specifically choose how they want to access content, including streaming TV,anti-DDoS attacks, ultra-safe privacy measures, and more. Encryption is robust by default. NordVPN uses a 256-bit AES protocol with 2,048-bit SSL as well as DNS  protection to ensure your digital footprint stays hidden. Due to the ample amount of servers a user can change IP addresses in no time.



  1. Secure and super-fast connectivity.
  2. Can unblock all streaming web services.
  3. Secures Wi Fi network.
  4. Easy to use VPN app.
  5. Privacy and security are guaranteed. 
  6. Works fine with IPV4 address.
  7. 24/7 customer care support


  1. The desktop application is not very user-friendly.





  • Unblocks streaming services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer,  Amazon Prime, YouTube, Hulu, Disney+
  • Apps & DevicesWindows, (Android TV), Android,  Mac,  iOS, Linux, 
  • DNS leak protected.
  • Encryption Protocols256-bit AES.
  • Devices AllowedUnlimited.
  • Secures wi fi network.
  • Website


Holidaymakers or people living abroad often want an IP address from their respective home country in order to access the geo-restricted content or for banking services. A VPN plays a significant role in this scenario as it hides your real IP address and assigns a temporary IP address.

Talking about SurfShark has servers all over the world to provide better performance to its users while surfing the internet and because of that users can get a lot of IP addresses for business or personal use. It provides 256- bit AES encryption and security against DNS leaks. The best part about SurfShark is that it doesn’t store your data and it is available on all operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac os, Android, and iOS.



  1. It can easily unblock all streaming services.
  2. Amazing speed
  3. Compatible with latest wi fi routers.
  4. No data logs.
  5. Your ISP(Internet service provider) won’t be able to track you.
  6. User-friendly VPN app.
  7. Works fine with IPV4 address.
  8. An affordable option for businesses and normal users.
  9. 24/7 customer care service.


  1. A few servers are slow.
  2. The network is growing.


Tor for iOS users


Tor browser



Tor browser has been poorly represented on iOS in the past, which is mostly attributed to system irregularities with the iOS platform. However, even though there is a version of Firefox for iOS, it cannot fully function as a result of several restrictions and obstacles placed by Tor developers. To make it work on iOS, it must be compiled into the app binary and hacked to run as a thread inside your app process. Additionally, it doesn’t have any system-wide applications like Orbot does on Android. 

Some privacy advocates have noted that iOS users are at a disadvantage because its browser bundle does not currently work on the platform, and apps can’t use Tor when they are in the background. Below is the pictorial demonstration of how this browser works. It encrypts your online activity and protects the same IP address you have been assigned by the ISP.  For more information regarding how to find your IP address and how to change your IP address then keep reading!


Tor working


After solving the problem of getting Tor web Browser to run, several quirks prevent our browser from having its full functionality.

  • Since Onion Browser sits on top of Chrome’s WebKit framework, it is not able to implement a custom browser engine like Orfox or Tor can.
  • Older WebKit APIs (UIWebView) allow you to control your SOCKS settings for the browser stack and configure it to use Tor, but newer frameworks (WKWebView) don’t have this functionality.
  • The WebKit API is limited in its ability to shape or execute elements, making a Tor web Browser-style slider for security difficult. The multimedia features of iOS also bypass the browser’s network stack, making it harder to keep your browsing secure. Onion browser provides some help for blocking scripts and multimedia content on iOS, but there are still limitations.



Protect your iPhone with proxies(setup proxy server)

If you want to protect your personal data and hide your iPhone’s IP address then do not go for free of cost proxies that steal your confidential data.  Always prefer paid proxies having a robust and secure proxy server as it helps you in changing your IP address. A proxy server assigns you a new anonymous IP address to safeguard your location and online identity.

Proxies let you access websites and content anywhere in the world without any restriction. iPhones or ios devices on the other hand let users replace their IP address with a different one in less than a minute to protect confidential data from hackers and helps you remain anonymous. With a paid subscription a proxy server can let you choose datacenter proxies or residential proxies without any connection limit.

iPhone proxy settings:

  • Navigate to your iPhone settings app.

iPhone proxy setup

  • Tap on the  Wi Fi option (wi fi network settings).

iPhone proxy setup

  • Tap on the (i) info icon it will take you to the next screen.

iPhone proxy setup

  • Scroll down and select configure proxy.

iPhone proxy setup

  • Tap Manual

iPhone proxy setup

  • Change your proxy settings like: (Server –, Port – 10101. Add your Username and Password and activate authentication if the IP address isn’t whitelisted.
  • Finally, move back to wi fi selection window to save the changes you have made in the settings app.


IP Address types and details

What is an IP address?

An IP address is a number assigned to your device connected to the internet that uses an IP address for communication. An IP address acts as an identification number for a specific device. It develops the connection between source and destination. IP address stands for internet protocol address also called internet address.


Types of IP address

There are 4 types of IP addresses:

  • Public IP addresses
  • Private IP addresses
  • Dynamic IP addresses
  • Static IP addresses

Among all of these addresses, some of them are based on their location. A private IP address is always used inside of a network whereas the public IP address is used to communicate outside of a network.


Public IP Address

A public IP address is associated with the entire network. In this scenario, all the connected devices will have the same wi fi router address as their public address. These types of public IP addresses are assigned to the router by the ISP.


Private IP address

Unlike public IP, a private IP address is a unique identification number assigned to all the devices that connect to your network. It includes devices like smart TVs, laptops, smartphones, computers, game consoles, etc. In the future, almost every household item will have a private IP address because of the fast growth of (IoT).


Static IP address

A static IP address can’t be changed. Unlike, the dynamic IP which is assigned by DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), which changes quite frequently. A static IP address on the other hand never changes, but it can be altered or modified by the network administrator for multiple needs.


Dynamic IP address

A Dynamic IP is never consistent, it always keeps changing. It is temporarily assigned to a device every time it connects to the internet. This type of IP address is very special because it is active for a short period of time and after that, it will expire.



Frequently asked questions

We recommend ExpressVPN because of its overall performance. It can change the IP address in a few seconds. You don’t need to manually change in the settings app, a VPN will automatically change your IP address.

The simple answer is yes as long as you don’t use a trustworthy app to change your IP address. A free VPN will assign you an IP address but it won’t provide you extra security like protection on public wi fi. 

The major disadvantage of using a VPN is that it drains the battery juice at a higher rate but if your iPhone’s battery health is fine then most likely you won’t face such a problem.


Wrapping up

No matter what device you use we’re pretty sure people often think of changing the IP address to access the content not available in their country. We have discussed a number of possible ways to change the IP address on an iPhone and other Apple devices. Hopefully, this guide about “how to change IP address on iPhone” will help the iPhone users and people who admire the Apple ecosystem.