How to Change IP Address in Windows 10

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  1. IP settings using settings application GUI.
  2. IP settings using CP(Control Panel).
  3. IP settings using CMD (Command prompt).

Changing the Internet Protocol (IP address) in Windows operating system is a common issue. It can be done from many different places, but it’s important to know what each one does so you don’t do more harm than good! In this article, we will discuss how to change the (Internet Protocol) address with Control Panel (CP) and Command Prompt (CMD). The steps are well explained for how to change IP address in Windows 10.

NOTE: You need to log in with the administrator rights before changing your IP address(Internet Protocol), it would be a plus if you know how to find your IP address.

How to change IP address in Windows 10( Settings)


To change the IP address in Windows 10 OS, access it from the Settings window.

Open Settings by pressing Windows + i.


setting app


When you are connected to an internet network, open Settings. Choose network from either Wi-Fi or Ethernet from the left sidebar menu.


setting app

step 3

Select the network you’re connected to.


setting app

step 4

Look for the network details. After that, you’ll see an option labeled as IP settings. Now click on the Edit button.


setting app

step 5

A dialogue box will appear.” This way you can easily change the Internet Protocol IP address of a laptop or PC.

setting app

step 6

If you wish to manually set a static IP (Internet Protocol) address and use both IPv4 and IPv6, select the manual setting in the left-hand menu.


setting app


Select IPv4 or IPv6 IP (Internet Protocol) after selecting Manual and carefully enter the IP details.

step 7

  • To set a static IP address, you need to insert/enter the specific details:
  • Fill in a static IP address (Internet Protocol) that you need to use in windows 10 like
  • Subnet: Enter the subnet mask.

Gateway: Fill in your router’s IP  for example (or whatever your network gateway is).


setting app


For changing DNS and the alternate DNS, you will need to fill in all the top 3 sections. Once saved, your IP(Internet Protocol) address is modified by Windows, and preferred DNS, as well as alternate DNS, will be automatically filled.


setting app


NOTE: After entering a static (Internet Protocol) IP address, keep one thing in mind that the details are accurate. Otherwise, your computer will lose internet connectivity. To counter this issue, revert your IP to (DHCP) then the router can assign an alternative and effective one.


How to change IP address in Windows 10 (Control panel)

The interface of Windows 10 is super easy and a user can easily change the IP address using the Control panel’s settings as well. Open your Control Panel & navigate to Network & Internet option.


control panel


Open the “Network & Sharing Center” then check your active internet.


control panel


In a new pop-up window click the properties.


control panel



After that click the Internet protocol(TCP/IPv4) /(TCP/IPv6) as per your needs.


control panel


Click on Properties.

control panel



Either you choose (TCP/IPv4 or TCP/IPv6) by clicking the properties you’ll be able to change the IP address.


control panel


The IP address settings window allows an option for a dynamically assigned IP address, but it’s only available when checking the “Obtain automatically” box.


control panel


If you need to change your IP address in Windows 10, either through Settings or by using the command line, enter the details such as subnet mask, default gateway, and IP address. Finally, click OK to save your settings.



How to change IP address in Windows 10 (CMD or Powershell)

If you work primarily in a CMD command-line, you can change the (Internet Protocol) IP address on your Windows 10 computer with either CMD or Powershell. If you’re not sure which console is most appropriate for you to use, run the command” netsh interface IP show config”. The results will display your network details then you can change your IP address against the Network adapter you’ve identified.


command prompt



If you would like to use a dynamic IP address for your network connection run the command netsh interface IP set address followed by “Network Name” dhcp.  You need to type your network name like netsh interface ip set address “Wi-Fi” dhcp.


command prompt



For static IP run the command netsh interface IP set address name= “” Network Interface Name” static [IP Address] [Subnet Mask] [Gateway]. Enter all the valid details.


command prompt



By changing your network settings and using proxies can change your IP. A VPN is the simple and fast way to change your location and hide the IP address.

An IP address can help the authorities or hacker to find your location but not your identity.

Wrapping up


Now you’re familiar with 3 different ways to change your IP address in the windows operating system and we have also guided you regarding static and dynamic IP address changes. These are the most common and legit methods used by IT professionals and daily users for their work or business needs. We believe after reading the above guide you will be pretty confident on how to change IP address in windows 10.