How to get a New Zealand IP address [Nov 2021 Updated]

New Zealand IP address (zealand IP address)


If you are a New Zealander living overseas or on vacations and looking to change your IP address, you must know how to do so. Your IP address is the number that tells other computers on the internet what country you are in and your geographic location. A VPN (a virtual private network) will allow you to change this, allowing for a more diverse experience online. In this guide, we have compiled three of the best VPNs in order from most expensive to least expensive – find out which will be the best provider for you to get a New Zealand IP.

There are several reasons why you might need a New Zealand IP, but the way to change your IP address is really simple: use one of these great VPNs on this list. We won’t go into your reason for needing NZ-based internet access. Besides that, we’ll give you some tips. Read along to get the information regarding how to change the IP addresses to get a New Zealand IP address and for finding the IP address of your device have a look at how to find your IP address. 

Important stuff:

  • Getting the New Zealand IP addresses is as easy as signing up for a VPN and installing the app.
  • ExpressVPN is a great choice for changing the IP addresses.
  • But we have mentioned the details of other VPN providers as well.

Using a VPN for obtaining new IP addresses is totally legal, and can be used for several useful purposes.

Proxies are a popular way to get around geographic restrictions when surfing the web, but they’re not always your best choice for online privacy. Proxies work by acting as a medium between you and the site you visit, meaning that your connection isn’t encrypted – it’s fairly easy for anyone, including websites accessed through proxies, to track you.


How to Get a New Zealand IP address 

To be able to get a New Zealand IP address, you must use a  trusted VPN rather than us a free VPN. Just like the top-rated VPN services, ExpressVPN, is perfect for anyone looking to bypass geo-restricted content from that region.

Install a VPN

You can head to ExpressVPN’s website (or whichever VPN of  your choice) and download it from there. It is available on all popular platforms. After activation, your account will be successfully set when you follow the on-screen prompts during the installation process.


VPN for New Zealand IP addresses

Select a New Zealand’s server

Create an account with a VPN service, download the app on your device, and complete installation. Once installed, launch the app and change your location to New Zealand in the “Change Location” panel.


Best VPNs for New Zealand IP addresses


Connect to the VPN Server

To change your IP address to New Zealand, select New Zealand on the virtual location toggle bar.


Temporary New Zealand IP addresses


How to get a free New Zealand’s IP address

A paid VPN service, such as ExpressVPN is necessary to keep your data secure and online security. Free VPN providers, can also help you surf the web anonymously, often collect and sell user information to third parties for the purpose of targeted ads. This means that they can locate you through the IP address you are using if you should choose not to pay them.

One of the most notable exceptions is Windscribe’s free plan because it has a strict no logs policy and won’t compromise your data. You can use “build a plan” to add other servers for $1/month, but the free plan only has access to 10 locations.

The answer to how to get a New Zealand IP address is simple. You can choose from one of these three popular VPNs with risk-free money-back guarantees. ExpressVPN and NordVPN offer 30 days, while CyberGhost offers 45 days on its longer plans.


Top-ranked VPNs to get New Zealand’s IP address

Several VPNs offer New Zealand IP addresses, but these three providers top our list for price and features.

  1. ExpressVPN — Secure and fast servers.
  2. NordVPN – P2P-optimized servers and good for frequently changing IP addresses.
  3. CyberGhost — Affordable option for getting New Zealand IP addresses.

Let’s check all of them them.

Express VPN


Express VPN for New Zealand IP and New Zealand IP addresses


ExpressVPN Details:

  • Pricing: Almost $7/mo and 3 months free on a 1-year package.
  • website:

The best way to get a New Zealand IP address is by using the ExpressVPN service, which provides security and fast speeds. It can access streaming services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, or TV3 along with all popular streaming platforms.

It not just only helps you hide your actual IP address and protect your personal data but it also assigns you a new IP address. It can access web streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix New Zealand along other streaming services with ease. Give it a try as it also offers a 30 day money back gurantee.


Nord VPN


Nord VPN New Zealand IP and New Zealand IP addresses


NordVPN Details:

  • Pricing: Almost $4/mo on a 2 years package.
  • website:

Even though NordVPN had a security breach a few years back, but in a very short span of time, they have made tremendous progress in their security systems. Nord has NordLynx protocol which provides an extra edge as far as security is concerned. It has no data barrier or cap so you can enjoy streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and 3 News. Moreover, it offers its subscribers unlimited bandwidth. It can access streaming services like Netflix New Zealand, BBC iPlayer, or TV3

You can also let NordVPN choose the best server available for you in New Zealand or you can manually choose a server. It is also an amazing choice for torrenting because its servers are fully p2p optimized. Its 256-bit AES encryption protects your online activity and helps you surf the web anonymously. It is super affordable if you choose the 2 years plan and if you feel like canceling the subscription it also gives you an option of 30 day money back guarantee no questions asked!


CyberGhost VPN


CyberGhost VPN New Zealand IP and New Zealand IP addresses


CyberGhostVPN Details:

  • Price:  Almost $2.30/mo & 3 months free on a 3 year plan.
  • website:

CyberGhost subscription is one of the best and affordable solutions for getting an IP address from almost every country and especially New Zealand IP. It might not be the optimal choice for certain tasks. It sometimes struggles on some streaming web services and often loses its efficiency if your routing device is connected by multiple devices. Nevertheless, CyberGhost is a good value for money. It offers high speeds and servers optimized for torrenting.

The servers are located in Auckland, they’re fully  P2P optimized. Moreover, it has a kill switch and AES 256 bit encryption. CyberGhost also has a great 3-years plan and it also offers a money back guarantee.


Pros and cons.

Below are the pros and cons of the VPNs mentioned in this guide.

Express VPN

ExpressVPN New Zealand IP addresses (Zealand IP address ranges)



  1. It offers DNS leak protection.
  2. Software applications are available on all OS platforms and also available on Android TV.
  3. It conceals your actual IP from web servers and ISP (internet provider).
  4. Provides high speeds to let you seamlessly enjoy your favorite Tv shows.


  1. The plans are slightly expensive.



NordVPN for New Zealand IP addresses ( Zealand IP addresses)


  1. Nord provides consistent speeds all across New Zealand.
  2. It offers unlimited bandwidth no data caps.
  3. NordLynx provides an extra security layer with automatic kill switch.
  4. After subscription, you get 30 days money return guarantee.


  1. In the past one data center got compromised by cyber attacks.


CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost for New Zealand IP addresses ( Zealand IP addresses)


  1. An affordable option for getting a cheap New Zealand IP.
  2. Servers are optimized for the purpose of torrenting.
  3. It offers its subscribers unlimited bandwidth.
  4. After subscription, you get (45 day) money back guarantee.
  5. Kill switch protects the internet users when unexpected happens.
  6. Extra Advanced features for online banking.


  1. No local networking 
  2. Cheap and affordable.


Pros & cons of using a New Zealand’s IP Address

There are no real threats in obtaining New Zealand IP addresses but for accessing any content not available in your country you better use a VPN.  New Zealand surprisingly is a valuable member of the Five Eyes alliance, along with the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia which simply means can easily get and be allowed to use VPN and change your IP address to access geo-restricted content.

Using a free VPN sounds pretty good but the actual problem is that there is no such free service. You must be wondering why? right! the problem is that free VPNs sell your activity logs to third parties for the purposes of targeted ads. It is advised never to use a free VPN service but even if you want to for some reason then always online backup your important data on a trusted cloud service or drive. It is because most free VPNs come with preinstalled malware that can harm your computer.



The Wrong Way to Get a New Zealand IP Address: Proxy Servers

Yes, web proxies are simple and provide a certain level of convenience, but they’re not for everyone. Some people will benefit from them simply because they don’t have the resources to get a paid VPN for obtaining a New Zealand IP. On the other hand, proxies have no DNS protection and advanced encryption which can still let your ISP track your history. It is always advised to online backup your data before using such untrusted services.

To complicate the situation, tracing your actual IP address is remarkably simple – even novice hackers bypass it. If you want to keep your devices like computers or(Android or iPhone) smartphones protected get a VPN asap.


Final Thoughts

There are a number of ways to get a New Zealand IP address. We have discussed the features provided by the VPN providers in this guide. We recommend using VPNs from trusted providers because it is the safest way to keep your identity hidden and they also provide you extra security. So, pretty much that’s it on how to obtain a New Zealand  IP. Stay protected in the cyberworld.