How to get an Indonesian IP address in the USA [2022 Guide]

How to get an Indonesian IP address


What if you could get an Indonesian IP address in the USA and watch Indonesia TV, use online banking abroad with security, or log in to your favorite streaming service? How would that make you feel? Well now, with a VPN (a VPN), it’s possible! A VPN will allow you to surf the web anonymously no matter where you are in the world. It’s even possible for some people to get an IP address for Indonesia.

How does this work? With a VPN server in Indonesia, your device can access restricted content from Indonesia by encrypting all of your network traffic and sending it through the server so that the website only sees what appears as if it originated from Indonesia. Read along to get the most out of how to get an Indonesian IP address in the USA.

There is a lot of internet censorship in Indonesia, with restrictions on almost all sexually explicit media and a few social media applications. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a service that allows you to hide your location and IP address, giving you greater online anonymity. For more details on IP addresses read our full guide on how to find your IP address.

How to get an Indonesian IP address in the USA

Getting an Indonesian IP address in the United States is simple and quick. It should just take a few minutes. Here’s how to get an IP address in Indonesia in the USA:

  1. Create an account with a VPN service – we suggest ExpressVPN for Indonesian IP addresses in the USA.
  2. Install the browser extension or application for your device.
  3. Connect to an Indonesia-based server with the VPN software or browser extension.
  4. If the blocked material is still there, clear browser cookies or connect to a different Indonesian server if one is accessible.

Short on time?

If you’re looking to get an Indonesian IP address in the USA but don’t have a moment to read the whole article, here’s a brief rundown of the best VPNs:

Top VPNs for Indonesia IP address in the USA:

  1. ExpressVPN: Fast and dependable servers in Indonesia. Netflix, Iflix, Viu, and other services are supported. Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. NordVPN: This is a great service if you want an IP address for Indonesia. There are 5500 servers running globally and 5 servers in Indonesia alone. It’s quick and flexible enough to use on numerous platforms. A 30-day money-back promise is included.
  3. Surfshark: If you’re looking for a good VPN that won’t break the bank, this is it. With servers in 60 countries, it’s ideal for those on a budget. Robust security features are included.
  4. CyberGhost: In Indonesia, It’ll be the first time for us to operate over 6,000 servers for streaming FuboTV, Iflix, and other services.  Up to seven devices can be used at the same time. no logs policy and Encryption are part of security.
  5. PrivateVPN: A fast VPN with dedicated VPN servers in Indonesia. Fox Sports Asia and Iflix are both great for streaming. Ease of use, high security, and user-friendly applications.

When looking for the finest VPN to get an IP address in Indonesia, there are a variety of variables to consider. The number of servers, their quality, and the standard of protection they provide is all factors to consider. We’ve considered all of these things, and we’ve produced the top five VPNs using our process, which we’ll go through below.


Some best VPNs for Indonesian IP address in the USA

Here’s a more detailed description of the finest VPNs for getting an Indonesia IP address.


ExpressVPN for Indonesian IP address

  • Offers the Indonesian IP Addresses in the USA
  • Streaming Services Unblocked BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Youtube, Disney+.
  • Apps & Devices Smart TVs (Android TV), Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Firestick, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Playstation.
  • SpeedTested at 140 Mbps (tested).
  • DNS Leak Protection.
  • Encryption Protocols military grade256-bit AES, OpenVPN.
  • 5 Devices Allowed.
  • Prices from $6.67/month
  • Website

ExpressVPN provides unrestricted bandwidth and has 3,000 VPN servers located in 94 different countries, including Indonesia. We’ve put these servers to the test and found them to be as dependable as they are fast. This is especially crucial when it comes to streaming Indonesian material. ExpressVPN allows you to access a variety of streaming services, including Iflix and Viu.

The majority of the time, chaining Netflix to a VPN is simple. You can even use your preferred Netflix app if you have one installed. However, if you’re having trouble connecting in the first place, there are some things to keep in mind: ExpressVPN is a great alternative to other VPN services, and it’s also available as a free trial. The British Virgin Islands (BVI), in particular, are exempt from Five Eyes surveillance alliances such as the NSA. Not only that, but ExpressVPN doesn’t keep any identifying records of its customers.

There’s a lot of information out there regarding how to record your gameplay, but some do not work as intended. The applications are accessible for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and router users. For Chrome and Firefox browser users, there is a plugin.

GREAT ALL-ROUNDER: In Indonesia, ExpressVPN’s servers are excellent for streaming Iflix and Fox Sports Asia. User-friendly and secure. You may test it out with the 30-day money-back guarantee.


  1. There are 94 different servers, including Indonesia.
  2. Fast speeds for streaming Viu, Netflix, Iflix, and more
  3. Users may install a variety of user-friendly apps and browser addons.
  4. Friendly live chat assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  5. There are several essential security features, such as encryption.


  1. When compared to competing VPNs, it is somewhat more expensive.


Nord for Indonesian IP address

  • Offers Indonesian IP Addresses in the USA
  • Streaming Services Unblocked BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Youtube, Disney+.
  • Apps & Devices Smart TVs (Android TV), Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Firestick, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Playstation.
  • SpeedTested at 120 Mbps (tested)
  • DNS Leak protected
  • Encryption Protocols NordLynx, IKEv2,256-bit AES, OpenVPN.
  • 5 Devices are allowed.
  • Prices from $4.13/month
  • Website

NordVPN is the best VPN for Indonesia, according to our research. With around 5,400 plus servers in total and five of them located in Indonesia, it has one of the largest networks of any VPN.

With multiple servers, it’s simple to access Indonesian services such as Trans7 and RCTI TV channels. NordVPN supports a variety of streaming providers including Netflix, Fox Sports Asia, and HOOQ, This VPN also offers the fastest speeds we’ve seen.

NordVPN has a lot of options. There are multiple servers to choose from, but NordVPN also provides several browser extensions and apps. Even better, you may connect up to 6 devices to NordVPN at the same time.

Another concern to consider in Indonesia and other nations is internet supervision. NordVPN offers DNS leak protection, 256-bit AES encryption, and a dedicated kill switch, ensuring your privacy and security. Although the creators aren’t saying why DNS Unlocker is a service that allows you to change your IP address. It also provides specialized servers for online privacy.

NordVPN offers Android, Mac, Linux, Windows, Android TV, and iOS app downloads. Firefox and Chrome browser add-ons are also accessible.

BEST VPN FOR INDONESIA: NordVPN is our top pick. It has almost 5500 servers worldwide and 5 servers in Indonesia. It’s lightning-fast, secure, and compatible with HOOQ, Netflix, Iflix, and other streaming services. For a risk-free trial period of 30 days, you may get a refund if dissatisfied.


  1. There are 5 servers in Indonesia, among them being several.
  2. For streaming movies and shows, you’ll need high-speed connections.
  3. At the same time, you may use it on 6 devices simultaneously.
  4. There is a wide range of programs and browser add-ons to choose from.
  5. Overall security is exceptional, with specialized servers providing added protection.
  6. Doesn’t keep any records of users’ identities.


  1. Switching servers may take some time.


SurfShark for Indonesian IP address


  • Offers Indonesian IP addresses in the USA
  • Streaming Services Unblocked BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Youtube, Disney+.
  • Apps & Devices Smart TVs (Android TV), Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Firestick, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Playstation.
  • Speed Tested at 82 Mbps (tested)
  • DNS Leak protected
  • Encryption Protocols IKEv2, OpenVPN, 256-bit AES.
  • Unlimited devices allowed.
  • Prices from $2.49/month
  • Website

Surfshark is a budget-friendly VPN that features a large network of about 3,200 servers in almost 63 countries. It requires an active internet connection and is designed for streaming services like Netflix. It’s capable of accessing services like Netflix securely, which is great news for users who want to watch on the go. However, its major selling point is that users can have unlimited devices at a time.

The Indonesian government and other snoopers may be monitoring your online activities with this VPN’s slew of security measures. An ad-free VPN service is one of the top choices. It’s ideal for both beginners and experts, who need a reliable VPN that doesn’t slow down their connection speed or cause any interruptions during streaming.

The following are some of the features you’ll find in this kind of VPN: Surfshark also includes a single-click tool that blocks advertisements and checks downloaded files for viruses. It doesn’t record and takes cryptocurrency payments. In the event of help, there is always live chat assistance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Surfshark is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, Linux, and Windows. Alternatively, users may install it on their routers manually by following specific installation procedures.

BEST FOR THE BUDGET: Surfshark provides fast speeds, robust security measures, and no restriction on connection usage, making it simple to browse secretly in Indonesia and different nations with strict internet censorship. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  1. Unlimited capacity and low latency
  2. It works with a wide range of streaming services.
  3. It keeps your privacy protected.
  4. There is no such thing as a data cap.
  5. Bitcoins are accepted.


  1. During testing, certain connections ran at a slower speed.


CyberGhost for Indonesian IP addresses

  • Offers Indonesian  IP addresses in the USA
  • Streaming Services Unblocked BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Youtube, Disney+.
  • Apps & Devices Smart TVs (Android TV), Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Firestick, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Playstation.
  • Speed Tested at 67 Mbps
  • DNS Leak Protected.
  • Encryption Protocols 256-bit AES, OpenVPN
  • 7 Devices allowed.
  • Prices from $2.25/month
  • Website

CyberGhost has more than 8 servers in Indonesia, which is more than any other VPN. There won’t be any issues using a wide range of services from Indonesia. The speed and consistency of the servers ensure that streaming apps Iflix, Vue, and FuboTV are smooth and lag-free. CyberGhost has a massive 3,500 servers worldwide, which means you’ll be able to access Indonesia from anywhere in the globe. CyberGhost’s 45-day money-back guarantee makes it an even better value VPN.

CyberGhost provides protection for all of your devices because it supports up to seven simultaneous connections. The programs are quick and simple to use, and 24/7 customer assistance is accessible if you need it. CyberGhost is one of the most secure VPNs we’ve ever reviewed. 256-bit AES encryption shields your information while also preventing DNS leaks. An automatic kill switch and a no-logs policy safeguard your personal information from hackers, as well as your ISPs and governments.

CyberGhost offers VPN apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Amazon Fire Stick, and Android TV. Chrome and Firefox browser extensions are likewise accessible. Manual configuration is necessary for Linux and routers.



  1. It has 3500 plus servers in the world and 8 dedicated servers in Indonesia.
  2. Stream on demand and enjoy a fast, hassle-free experience. Iflix, FuboTV, Vue, and other services are all compatible.
  3. Over the course of your first 45 days, you may change your plan. For peace of mind, we also give a 30-day money-back guarantee (which is more than most VPNs).
  4. Alternatively, you may connect as many devices to the Roku device as you wish.
  5. HTTPS provides the highest security level available, while a solid no-logs policy ensures your privacy.


  1. There is no Linux-friendly app available.
  2. Some streaming services may struggle.


PrivateVPN for Indonesian IP addresses

  • Offers Indonesian  IP addresses in the USA
  • Streaming Services Unblocked BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Youtube, Disney+.
  • Apps & Devices Smart TVs (Android TV), Windows, Mac, Android, iOS.
  • DNS Leak Protected.
  • Website

PrivateVPN is one of the quickest VPNs available, making it an excellent choice for viewing Indonesian content. PrivateVPN is particularly good at providing secure access to services including Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and Netflix. PrivateVPN has about 200 servers in 63 locations, including Indonesia. There are no stuttering or buffering problems when using PrivateVPN to stream. Using PrivateVPN, you may connect up to six devices to unique IP addresses at the same time.

We’ve put a lot of effort into testing PrivateVPN’s software, which is accessible for both desktop and mobile. The apps’ minimalist design makes them suited for novices, yet an advanced menu allows fine-tuning if required. Whether you’re in Indonesia or elsewhere, PrivateVPN will keep you safe online. PrivateVPN also provides DNS leak prevention and a kill switch, which are both secured with 256-bit AES encryption. A no data logging policy means that your personal information and surfing patterns are kept private and confidential to you.

The service is accessible through applications for MAC, Windows, iOS, and Android. Manual installation is required for Linux and routers.

HIGH-SPEED STREAMING: Only has a few hundred servers, but it’s secure and simple to use. Only offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  1. For surfing and streaming, you’ll enjoy lightning-fast connections.
  2. Connect up to six gadgets at once using this WiFi extender system.
  3. User-friendly desktop and mobile applications.
  4. 256-bit AES encryption provides high security.


  1. Around 100 servers are needed to maintain a small network.
  2. There are no Linux apps or routers to download.

VPN for Indonesian IP addresses

If you desire to access an IP address in Indonesia, you’ll need to sign up for the appropriate VPN service. There are multiple VPNs on the market today, but some of them provide high levels of protection, high speeds, and multiple servers located in Indonesia.

We’ve compiled a list of the most important criteria we considered while selecting the best VPNs for an Indonesian IP.

  • A fast global server network: To be good, a VPN must have a large number of dedicated servers to select from. To allow you to get a genuine IP address in Indonesia, we’ve included VPNs with Indonesian servers in this article. Nevertheless, we also looked for VPNs with many international server locations so that you may circumvent as numerous online limitations as imaginable.
  • Strong security features: A virtual private network encrypts data and protects your online security and privacy. Unfortunately, not most VPNs offer the capabilities and configurations you require to be safe. We’ve highlighted market-leading providers with strong encryption, no logs, and additional features like a kill switch.
  • DNS leak protection: We researched and compared the VPNs we suggested to ensure that they provide excellent privacy. To assess this, we looked for IP, WebRTC, and DNS leaks, and that would permit your internet service provider to identify your online activities. We also reviewed whether they have a DNS leak guard on under the hood.
  • Advanced apps for all platforms: We examined VPNs that may be used on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS as well as browsers, routers, and other gadgets such as smart TVs, etc. We also reviewed those applications for sophisticated features like split tunneling, obfuscation, malware protection, port forwarding, and anything else that helps to use the internet more securely.
  • Excellent customer care: When you purchase a VPN, it’s easy to forget that you have access to live support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most of our picks offer real-time assistance and chat assistance. They also provide straightforward setup instructions and FAQs on their site to assist you in setting up your service.
  • Value for money: We approximated the elements to their cost to make sure that our recommendations are fair. With an IP address in Indonesia, you’ll receive high-quality service at the greatest feasible cost.

What you can do with an Indonesian IP address?

If you want to access services and websites in Indonesia, you must either reside there or use a virtual private network. As a result, your IP address will be located in Indonesia. The finest VPNs for Indonesia have dedicated servers in multiple countries, letting you use IP addresses from a variety of countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Australia.

Indonesia has an “Internet Freedom Status” of “partly free” from the international organization Human Rights. Censorship of online content is common, with social media services being blocked in a try to combat false news, terror, and pornography. Furthermore, the Indonesian state established an AI-driven crawler system and Cyber Drone 9 that is designed to identify and flag material for blocking.

Services, websites, and applications that have been targeted for censorship include Vimeo, Telegram, Netflix, Reddit, Tenor, etc. ISPs in Indonesia are obligated to keep records of consumer activity for 3 months.

 Indonesian TV with a VPN?

All you have to do if you desire to watch Indonesian television abroad is install a trusted VPN and get an Indonesian IP address by linking to an Indonesian server. You’ll be able to watch Trans7 RCTI, SCTV, and MNCTV among other things. In addition, if your IP address is from Indonesia, you may also access popular streaming services from Southeast Asia such as HOOQ, Netflix, Viu, and Iflix.

There isn’t many Indonesian sports TV, but a VPN with servers in numerous countries throughout Southeast Asia and across the world will enable you to utilize FuboTV, DAZN Fox Sports Asia, and ESPN.

Free VPN for Indonesia IP addresses 

There are very few free VPNs that have servers in Indonesia. Our study discovered that the finest VPNs have servers in multiple countries and over the world. Actually, if you discover a free VPN with an Indonesian server, it’s likely to be sluggish. That is because, as you probably guessed, free providers attract a lot of individuals and the servers can’t keep up. Free VPNs try to tackle this by limiting your bandwidth and making streaming impossible.

When it comes to streaming, free VPNs typically have a lot of buffering and lag. In reality, numerous free VPNs simply won’t function with famous streaming services. Aside from stopping content, Indonesia’s ISPs are also known to keep logs of consumer internet activity. A free VPN can’t ensure your privacy because Indonesia has some extent of internet censorship. 

Indonesian IP address FAQs

 VPNs are not illegal. If you’re in Indonesia, we strongly advise utilizing a virtual private network. Because internet restrictions exist in the nation, this is true. An IP address for Indonesia may authorize you to see government-blocked material and safeguard your online privacy by masking your real IP address.


In our guide on how to get an Indonesian IP address in the USA, we have discussed a number of ways through which you can easily get an Indonesian IP address to enjoy your favorite content on the go. Moreover, we have discussed the importance of a VPN which is a basic need these days for businesses, content creators, and normal users. We hope you learned something new and enjoyed reading.