How to change the IP Address On iPhone Without Wifi?

If you are using your iPhone without a wifi connection, such as on a plane or in an area without wifi, then your iPhone will not have an IP address. Internet protocol addresses are bits of details that are only allotted to gadgets by ISPs and cellular/mobile data providers.

Your device’s title is assigned to it by the ISP. In this article, we will show you how to change your IP address on your iPhone if you are not connected to wifi.

IP, or internet protocol, is a string of numbers identifying your iPhone, iPad, or whichever device you use to browse the internet.

If you’re not using a VPN, your IP address is probably not an issue very frequently, but if you ever need to alter it for privacy reasons, to troubleshoot Wi-Fi connectivity issues, or to access material that’s only available in other countries, it can be done in just a few clicks. Read along to get the most out of how to change the IP address on iPhone without wifi.

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How to change the IP address on iPhone without WiFi?

How to change the IP address on iPhone without WiFi?

  • VPNs are ideal for concealing your IP address from your ISP and overseeing organizations. They are also useful in masking your IP address, as well as encrypting and securing all of the data that is transmitted across it.
  • The most popular choice is Tor Browser.
  • Use a proxy server if possible.

How to Change Ip Address On iPhone With Mobile Network Data?

How to Change Ip Address On iPhone With Mobile Network Data?

  • The Settings app may be accessed by opening the relevant settings application.
  • Tap the wifi icon to access wifi.
  • Tap the “i” icon to check the network details.
  • Select “Configure IP” from the IPV4 Address menu
  • After tapping Manual, you must input the IP address information on the Configure IPV4 screen.

How to Change the Ip Address Without an Internet connection?

How to Change the Ip Address Without an Internet connection?

  • By connecting to a VPN, you can change your IP address.
  • You can change your IP address by using a proxy.
  • You may use Tor to change your IP address for free.
  • If you need to change your IP address, unplugging the router will let you do it.
  • Change your IP address with your ISP, if necessary.
  • Switching networks may help you obtain a new IP address.

Manually enter a new static IP address 

  • Open your Settings application. 
  • Tap on the WIFI option.
  • Tap the “i” icon at the far right of the screen to find out which Wi-Fi network you’re currently using.
  • Now, press Configure IP.
  • Tap Manual on the Configure IPV4 screen, then fill in the IP address information. Tap Save when you’ve finished saving your IP address adjustments.

Can cellular/mobile data change your IP?

There is a contrast between private and public IP addresses. Both have been modified, to be sure. It’s feasible to connect to both WiFi and cellular networks at the same time, but because the phone will want to use the WiFi connection rather than the cellular one, it appears as if your IP address belongs to your WiFi IP.

Can You Have an IP Address Without Internet?

Your iPhone won’t have an IP address if you don’t have a cellular connection. Because the IP address is only assigned to your devices by internet service providers and cellular data carriers, it’s misleading. ISPs name your device something when they connect to it.

When Should You Change the IP address on Your iPhone?

A weak connection is one of the problems you may encounter when utilizing your phone’s WiFi at home. This can happen when there are more than two devices with the same IP address. The router will not react promptly when two devices use the same IP address, resulting in a slower internet connection.

This problem might be resolved by unplugging your local router or restarting your device’s wifi. If the easy solutions aren’t enough, you can modify your iPhone’s IP address.

Frequently asked questions

frequently asked question

To set an IP address for your iPhone, first, open the Settings app on your phone. Tap “Wi-Fi” in Settings. Select your wireless network from the list. Next to your wireless network, tap the “i” symbol. To change your iPhone’s IP mode from automatic to manual, go to Settings > General > Configure IP.

In a nutshell, the term “IP address” refers to any numerical value that computers use to identify one another when communicating across networks.

If you want to relocate your smartphone’s public IP address, try the following methods. Restart your phone – Turn off your WiFi and restart your smartphone. Your phone service provider will most likely give your phone a public IP address through DHCP, and restarting it should land you a new IP address. here

To convey the idea that you’re from a different place, a virtual private network (VPN) transforms your real IP address into one from another location: The VPN server will be hosted in a country with favorable privacy laws, such as Germany or Canada. The physical location of the VPN server, rather than your real location, will be used. VPNs are one of the most popular methods for accessing restricted content.

Yes, you can fake your location on your iPhone by connecting to a server in a different country with a VPN, which will allow you to obtain an IP address from that nation.



In this guide on how to change the IP address on iPhone without wifi. we have covered mainly all the possible methods through which you can change your IP address easily without having WIFI connected to your iOS device.