How to get an Irish IP address in the UK [Updated Guide]

Do you want to watch Irish content, streaming services, or want to access banking services online while living abroad or traveling outside of Ireland?

The short is you can in a few simple steps. In this guide, we will show you how to obtain an Irish IP, through which you can enjoy your favorite Netflix shows and keep yourself protected online. Let’s just accept it Ireland is a beautiful country. Even if you can’t visit there physically an Irish IP address in the UK is going to do the job. Having an Irish IP will let you enjoy Irish content like RTE player or TG4. Read along to know how to get an Irish IP address in the UK.

Watching geo-restricted content is not the main reason you would need an Irish IP address in the UK. Accessing your banking system makes you vulnerable and there are chances of your device getting hacked and most banks don’t provide you access to their system from abroad. An Irish IP address will do the job for you.   Also looking for guides on how to find your IP address, how to change IP addresses to get US, Australia, Canada, France, UK, New Zealand IP addresses, and so on? Click on the hyperlink text to get some valuable information.

 Key TakeAway:

  • With added security, a VPN is the easiest way to obtain an IP address. 
  • In this case, we prefer ExpressVPN because it has the best security features with amazing speeds.
  • Other providers like Nord, CyberGhost, and Surfshark are also good if you’re a little tight on budget.
  • If you’re searching for something free try TunnelBear and avoid using proxies.

Below is the list of VPNs we‘re going to discuss each one of them in this review guide. 

  1. ExpressVPN: Our best choice because of its super-fast speed and protected/ secure network.
  2. NordVPN: Nord is another strong competitor because of its growing network.
  3. Surfshark: A great choice for someone short on budget.
  4. CyberGhost: Great choice for beginners because it has affordable packages.

 If you love watching live content, especially from a different region, it’s important to have a VPN to keep your device protected and make geo-restricted content available for you. Before choosing a VPN plan from a large variety of VPN providers you must focus on certain things before preceding further.

Selection criteria of VPN

  • Multiple or at least 1 Irish server.
  • Speed and high connection for streaming.
  • Good encryption and security features.
  • Must have application software on all major Operating systems.
  • No log policy.

 How to change the IP address to Ireland using a VPN

Below is the detail of the top trusted VPN providers.


ExpressVPN logo


ExpressVPN tops the list when talking about the greatest VPN for an Irish IP address in the UK. It has servers that follow all protocols. It’s considered the best VPN for streaming, VOIP calls, and unblocking other geo-restricted content.

 ExpressVPN comes with amazing security features like kill switch, split tunneling, and great compatibility with all OS platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, etc.


  1. Fast and secure.
  2. Good for unblocking geo-restricted websites and platforms.
  3. Top-notch security.


  1. A little expensive.

It is expensive but trustworthy. A 1-year plan provides 3 months free and reduces the price by almost half. If you think it’s not the right choice for you then it also guarantees you a 30-day payback.


SurfShark logo


Surfshark is quite affordable and it has multiple servers in different countries because of which it has good reliable speed. This VPN can lock all major streaming services.

When talking about VPNs the first that comes to our minds is that “Is it secure?” Well in the case of Surfshark it has WebRTC protection, kill switch, split tunneling, and much more.

Its application software is available on all major platforms and the best thing is there is no restriction or limit on multiple logins.


  1. Pocket-friendly plans
  2. Simultaneous connections are unlimited.
  3. Adblocker support


  1. Some plans are overpriced.


NordVPN logo


NordVPN is the best choice for obtaining Irish IP. Nord has 30+ servers in Ireland. Nord gives tremendous speeds, and can easily unblock websites such as Amazon Prime and Netflix. It also allows its users to use it with 6 different devices at once.

It has all the security features just like its rivals. NordVPN software applications are available on all major OS platforms. 



  1. Many servers in Ireland
  2. Feature of double VPN
  3. Quick connection time.


  1. Some servers have slow speed.


CyberGhost logo


If you are planning to choose CyberGhost so it’s pretty affordable. It has a P2P server which is indeed a great way to obtain an Irish IP address in the UK. Moreover, it provides 45 days payback guarantee and also gives its users a subscription plan of 3 years and you get the first 3 months free.

It’s good but not great for every task because you may find reviews on other forms regarding the speed drops at the time of streaming HD content.



  1. Quite affordable
  2. P2P-optimized servers
  3. Money-back guarantee after 45 days.


  1. Not great with streaming platforms.

 Change the IP address to Ireland using free VPN servers

Free VPN servers image


TunnelBear is the best and a safer option when talking about using a free IP address. Undoubtedly it has certain limitations on its free plan. You get only 500Mb of data in a month. They’ll give you an option to increase it to 1Gigabyte if you tweet something regarding TunnelBear.

It has somewhat acceptable speed and good security features like a kill switch. If you’re okay with these limitations then why not give it a go.

 Is it illegal to use an Irish IP address in the UK? 

Using VPN legal or illeagal?

There is no problem with getting an Irish IP, but there are certain things you need to focus on to keep yourself secure on the internet.

Ireland has laws that allow authorities to intercept your emails and other means of communication, which it says are “to combat crime and protect the state.” 

Choosing the right VPN is like choosing the right security system virtually. In the present era, even governments spy on their citizen by purchasing cybersecurity software that can either hack or get information from your device. A VPN does not guarantee your security but definitely in this case but it acts as a solid hurdle against their way.


IANA is responsible for managing and controlling IP (Internet Protocol) pool. 

Not exactly, but your location and activity can be tracked.

A public IP address can let anyone from anywhere to connect with your device through the internet that also includes cybercriminals or blackhat hackers.

Final Thoughts

In the end businesses and users really trust and emphasize ExpressVPN’s security features. It’s a bit expensive but certainly, you have other great and affordable options like CyberGhost, Surfshark, and NordVPN. We hope you find this article useful on how to get an Irish IP address in the UK.