How To Change IP address To Watch UK TV from anywhere

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If you’re living outside the UK, it’s pretty obvious that you might not get a chance to watch your favorite England’s content and other streaming services. This is undoubtedly the saddest for someone who watches the UK-specific content daily. But surprisingly let us tell you that there is always a crack, by changing your device’s IP address to the UK through a VPN you can easily watch your favorite British content.

UK has great streaming platforms that have some amazing famous films and TV serials. Just like Line of Duty on BBC iplayer and Junior bake-off on Channel 4. You need a solid hack to watch the UK-specific content from abroad.

You must be wondering how to find your IP address and how to change your IP address to the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc from abroad to watch your country-specific content. Simply you will need to change your IP address to watch the UK with a help of a trusted VPN.

A VPN generally, masks your real IP address and changes it to a UK IP address that makes you access UK TV and other services from abroad. In this tutorial guide, we’ll show how to watch UK TV shows in the USA and abroad with a VPN.

[Quick Guide] Change the IP address to watch UK TV? 

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Follow the steps below to get a UK IP address:

  • Express VPN is our best choice so download and install it on your device.
  • After logging in now, connect to the desired UK server
  • Whew! Feel free to watch any UK content.

How To Change IP Address To Watch UK

Below is the list of well-known and trusted VPN providers.

ExpressVPN – The most reliable VPN for surfing in the UK.

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ExpressVPN tops our list of VPNs it is the top-notch VPN provider company for GB. It offers 4 servers only in the United Kingdom ( London, Docklands, Wembley, and East London).

ExpressVPN can easily unblock the geo-restrictions with any of the 4 servers. You’ll be able to enjoy UK TV in no time without any hassle, with its outstanding speed.

It has amazing security features one of them is called kill switch which disconnects your device if the link of the VPN drops for some reason so your ISP won’t track your real IP address.


Surfshark – One of the best VPN provider

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Surfshark has approximately 3200+ servers around the globe, with 3 located in the United Kindom region. These 3 servers are placed in Manchester, London, and Glasgow. On a single account. Its Applications are very easy to use on all platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.


NordVPN – Reliable choice

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NordVPN has 440 plus servers in the United Kingdom with many UK IP addresses and it also has one lightning-fast server located in London that lets a user access UK TV in an eyewink if they have a stable internet connection. It has multiple high-level security servers which let you surf the internet anonymously.

NordVPN has its applications on all major platforms and most importantly it has a very user-friendly interface. Subscribe, install, connect and finally, you’ll be able to watch UK TV from other countries.


CyberGhost – Offers 640 plus UK servers and several IP addresses

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CyberGhost has a user-friendly interface on all traditional platforms. It has almost 6600+ servers all around the world and surprisingly almost 640 plus are in the united kingdom. These servers are present in the major cities: Berkshire, London, and Manchester. You can connect the desired servers to watch UK TV.

 It also has OpenVPN protocols for streaming purposes and an AES 256-bit encryption system. CyberGhost also gives 6+ multiple -logins so you can share them with your family members and friends. 


IPVanish – with 110+ UK servers and several IP addresses

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As a matter of fact, this VPN provider has only 1600+ in the world and 40 plus are in England, this VPN is considered the best VPN for streaming. IPVanish UK servers can be found in many cities: Birmingham, Maidenhead, Manchester, and Glasgow.

This VPN works amazing with Kodi and besides that, it offers comparatively cheap prices. It works fine on all the major OS platforms.

How to Change the IP address to watch the UK with a free VPN

The straightforward answer is a big No! Everything comes at a price it could be a subscription fee but in this case, your data is what gets sold. Free VPN providers would not simply let you surf the internet without a data breach.

Another problem with the free VPNs is that they offer limited servers and if you have used a free VPN before then you wouldn’t hesitate to admit that you have faced many connection links dropping on free VPNs because of traffic overload.

Free VPNs collect your private data and store it in their databases by watching your online activity. The major issue with free VPNs is that they fall short of privacy.

Change the IP address to watch UK TV on streaming websites?

Want to enjoy UK TV from overseas? All you have to do is install a VPN application software and connect your device with a United Kingdom server. Now, you’ll be able to access any UK service of your choice. If we give you an example of Netflix, after connecting to one of the major servers in the UK you will see the UK-specific shows and movies.

You may be required to enter a UK IP address if you won’t connect to other services like Channel 4 and BBC iPlayer. so, keep in mind to enter a UK one rather than your real IP address.

How to stream UK TV with streaming apps using UK IP?

If you’re willing to watch UK TV through your smartphone devices either Android or iOS, using a VPN app can help you with that. All you have to do is download and install a VPN app from Appstore. A VPN app will simply mask the real IP address that will make you access your desired content. Try disabling your GPS because it may still give your real location.


The main UK TV channels you can Unblock are BBC Two, Film 4 Discovery channel, channel 4, and many more

ExpressVPN is considered the best choice. It has 4 major servers in the United Kingdom and lets you access multiple streaming sites and channels such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Channel 4, etc


In order to enjoy UK TV from overseas, you need to replace the IP address of your device. This way a user can easily access UK-based services. So, if you’re planning to change the IP address to watch UK TV, we recommend ExpressVPN because it offers the best security specialties and a free subscription of 3-months on a 1-year plan.