How to Change IP Address With Comcast in 2022



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IP addresses are not static in the case of Comcast users. The IP addresses are assigned by Comcast. It plays a vital role in routing your data from your device to a web server.

Unfortunately, sometimes people face slow connection problems which result in conflicts with many websites. If this problem occurs you get new IP addresses by forcing Comcast. These addresses can be changed by your routing device, they are assigned on the basis of your MAC address. Keep reading to learn more about how to change IP address with Comcast.

People also search for how to find your IP address when searching for IP address-related problems or how to change an IP address on a router and how to change IP to a specific country like Australia, USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand and so on.

How to change IP address with Comcast – Step 1

You need to set up your router for managing the internet connection just in case if you haven’t purchased it yet. Some routers have different configuration settings. The important part of the router is that it can control the MAC address, which selects the authorized IP address.

How to change IP address with Comcast – Step 2

Open your router’s settings screen which can be accessed through the browser of your choice. You’ll have to enter an IP address like in the URL box which will navigate to the home screen of your router’s settings page.

You just have to make sure that your device is connected to a router you’re trying to access via cable or wireless connection. Do check the manufacturer’s guidelines and enter any credentials if provided to access the settings of your router.

How to change IP address with Comcast – Step 3

Check for the option labeled as “Mac address clone”. It might be protected by a password of some sort which you can see in the Configuration settings screen. Make sure you save your MAC address if you want to restore it after some time. Finally, click on the clone the Mac address.

Find the option labeled as Renew or in other cases, it could be mentioned as Release the IP address. Because your MAC address is changed now the Comcast will consider your router a new device and after that, it will set a new IP address as per the range of IP addresses available.

Wii Comcast connection


Comcast is one of the top-notch Internet providers in the United States. Wii Nintendo has wireless functionality, it can be easily connected to a router with a Comcast connection. In short, the process takes only a few minutes and it is very robust and reliable.

A second option is to purchase Wii LAN which can easily connect with a Comcast device. An ethernet cable is required to connect the Comcast with your wireless router. As mentioned above all routers have different configuration settings. All you have to do is to name your network and set a password if required.

  • Turn on your Wii.
  • Click Wii in the menu.
  • Navigate to Wii settings.
  • Click internet on second Wii menu settings. 
  • Then, Click on the connection settings.
  • Select any out of the available 3 options.
  • Now, Click wireless connection.
  • Then search for the access point.
  • Choose your home wireless connection then click OK for the connection configuration test. If everything is okay then you’re good to go.

Additional suggestions

Even though Nintendo suggests its customers use a wireless (wi-fi) connection. If you feel like using a wired connection then you can also get a Wii adapter for LAN connection. Connection through LAN is pretty simple and straightforward all you need to do is connect your Wii adapter with Comcast using an ethernet cable.

Xfinity dynamic IP address



Comcast’s internet subscription plans are dynamic. It doesn’t assure your IP will change but it simply means that there is a possibility it can change. Comcast masks static IP addresses to business plans.

How to change IP address with Comcast (static vs Dynamic IP address

Need to change your IP address with Comcast in 2021? You’re not alone, and this guide will help you get through the process. This is a How-to article that explains how to configure an external static IP address on your device behind the Comcast modem (Gateway).

If you want to run a web, email, or VPN server from a device behind the Comcast modem (Gateway) – which is connected by Ethernet cable back to the Gateway for Internet connectivity and upstreams IRC’s traffic with NAT (Network Address Translation) – then you need a static routable (publicly accessible) IP address. Static IPv4 prefixes can be purchased in blocks of 1, 5, or (in select areas) 13, and that comes with a monthly fee.


Your router will be recognized by Comcast as a new computing device and later it will assign a new IP address.

It takes almost 7 days to get your IP address renewed. Usually, many people keep their IP address for a long period of time due to DHCP quick process which doesn’t need to request a new IP address but just a renewal

Final Thoughts

Regardless of whichever method you choose for changing your IP with Comcast it’s our job to provide you the best quality information. This is the reason we have made this how to change IP address with Comcast guide to give you straightforward solutions regarding Wii Comcast connection, Xfinity, and Static vs dynamic Ip addresses.