How to get an Australian IP address in Canada

If you are living outside Australia and want to watch your favorite Australian Netflix content or content from other streaming services including  (9Now, Amazon Prime, etc) from a far-off place then it could be a challenge for you. In this scenario, you need to get an Australian IP address in Canada to peacefully watch the Australian Open tournament. In this guide, we will guide you through a number of ways through which you can change your IP address. 

Businesses require multiple IP addresses for security purposes which is pretty obvious. But on the other hand, if we talk about normal people they require IP addresses of other countries for several reasons, for instance, it could be required for secure internet banking or to watch live sporting events from overseas. In this guide, we will show you how to get an Australian IP address in Canada or an IP address from the USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, and so many other countries.

The easiest way to get an Australian IP address in Canada is through a paid or a free VPN.  We prefer paid VPN subscriptions because free VPNs typically steal your data so, it doesn’t make any sense to use a free service in the first place. The benefit of using a trusted VPN is to keep your identity hidden and protect your devices like computers(PC & Mac ) or smartphones (iPhone & Android). For more details on IP addresses read our guide on how to find your IP address.

How to get an Australian IP address in Canada

  • Register for a VPN service like ExpressVPN (download/install).


  • Clear your browser’s cookies.
  • Open your VPN app.

ExpressVPN setup

  • Connect to the Australian server of your choice available in the list to get an Australian IP in Canada.

ExpressVPN server

  • Great! now you’re all set to watch Australian sports or visit any blocked Australian websites.

Short on time?

We have reviewed the top VPNs that you can use in most countries without any restrictions to get Australian IP addresses in Canada.

  1. ExpressVPN: Tops this list for getting an Australian IP address in Canada. So far the most secure VPN with a 30-day money back guarantee.
  2. NordVPN: Enjoy fast speeds and secure your browsing activity.
  3. Surfshark: Provides excellent security without any speed caps.
  4. CyberGhost: Provides protection from prying eyes and secures online activities. 
  5. IPVanish: Most suitable option for KODI users.

What you must know about VPNs.

Some important factors you must know before purchasing any VPN plan:

  • Availability of servers in many Australian cities.
  • Unblock all geo-restrictions.
  • Provides prioritized data paths.
  • Assurance of online anonymity.
  • Software availability on Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and macOS.
  • Must have no logs policy.
  • Fast speeds for popular streaming sites.
  • Must have a full refund policy in case of canceling the subscription.

What can I do with an Australian IP address in Canada?

Below are the streaming services and TeleVision shows that you can watch from Canada with an Australian IP address in Canada.

  • Disney+.
  • Stan.
  • Netflix
  • BINGE.
  • Apple TV+
  • Hayu.
  • Foxtel.
  • Amazon Prime Video

The most suitable VPNs for getting an Australian IP address in Canada

We have listed down the best VPNs that you can use right now.


ExpressVPN for Australian IP Address

  • Availbility of Australian servers.
  • Can unblock all streaming services and block Australian websites.
  • Available on all Operating systems and gaming consoles.
  • 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Protects DNS requests.
  • AES 25-bit encryption.
  • 5 devices are allowed on a single account.
  • Prices from CA$8.51/month
  • Website

ExpressVPN is the best of the best VPN and an award-winning provider that has a stable and reliable service. This provider has almost 3000+ servers all over the world and it provides 24/7 customer support. ExpressVPN is trusted by many companies for its amazing support and security. In addition to that, it can easily unblock Netflix Australia, BBC iPlayer, HULU, Amazon Prime, and almost all the streaming services.

This VPN service does not store user or traffic logs, so it gets high marks in that area. If you are looking for an easy way to get an Australian IP address in Canada then ExpressVPN is undoubtedly the blind choice.

This is used to improve service quality. It’s important to remember that your IP address will not be recorded separately. If you’re still hesitant, we recommend signing up for the service using a burner email address and paying via Bitcoin. It’ll be much more difficult for your digital footprint to be linked back to you.

ExpressVPN speed test data

Region Speed
ExpressVPN Average Connection Speed – North America (USA) 140.7 Mbps
Average Connection Speed – Europe (UK) 138 Mbps
Average Connection Speed – Asia (Hong Kong) 133 Mbps

ExpressVPN has built-in military-grade secure encryption, which is the most secure framework present at this time. The AES 256-bit ensures your data never gets compromised and besides that, it has an automatic kill switch security feature that guarantees to cut your connection in a second. It also allows its subscribers to easily access Australian-only content such as movies, Australian TV, and shows and performs well on all the operating systems.


  1. Fast and reliable servers in Australia are appropriate for nearly every purpose.
  2. With an Australian IP address in Canada, you can unblock content on Australian streaming platforms while living abroad such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more.
  3. Top-notch security features for personal data protection.
  4. 24-hour live chat support is offered 7 days a week.


  1. Some advanced features are not available to power users.
  2. Simultaneous connections are limited to 5.

ExpressVPN Australian servers

ExpressVPN Australia servers


Nord VPN to get Australian IP address

  • Offers Australian IP address in Canada.
  • Can unblock all famous streaming services including Australian TV.
  • Applications/ software are available on all Operating systems.
  • DNS leakproof.
  • NordLynx protocol for extra security.
  • 5 devices are allowed on 1 account.
  • Prices from CA$5.29/month
  • Website

Nord is pretty famous for its service in the USA and Canada. It has nearly 4600 servers in the world. The service is fast customizable and comes with great security options like any other modern-era VPN. You can access your favorite content with ease. Nord is also trusted by celebrities and especially by most YouTubers. Nord has DNS leak protection because the NordLynx protocol makes your internet surfing experience more secure.

By default, NordVPN uses the 256-bit AES encryption standard with 2,048-bit SSL keys. DNS and IPV6 leak protection is turned on. It does not save any information about its users – including browsing habits, timestamps, or server addresses. There are apps for Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, and iOS.

NordVPN speed test data

Region Speed
NordVPN Average Connection Speed – North America (USA) 115.7 Mbps
Average Connection Speed – Europe (UK) 125.4 Mbps
Average Connection Speed – Asia (Hong Kong) 118.2 Mbps

Undoubtedly It can be called an Australian VPN for having its servers in almost all major Australian cities. It guarantees private internet access to Australian residents. Furthermore, NordVPN’s security is too good and it is trusted by many celebrities and tech journalists, with such standards it can securely access restricted content. It is the best VPN that lets you enjoy unrestricted access to all famous platforms.


  1. Secure & encrypted connecttion.
  2. 2nd best in the best VPNs list.
  3. It lets you get an Australian IP address in Canada.
  4. You can unblock the most popular Australian streaming services.
  5. The second-fastest speed we have seen.
  6. VPN server locations are available on the official website.
  7. Extensive documentation and a live chat option


  1. The desktop app is a bit cumbersome.

NordVPN Australian servers

NordVPN Australian servers


surfshark to get Australian IP address

  • Offers Australian IP address in Canada.
  • Streaming platforms UnblockedNetflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Disney+, YouTube
  • Apps & DevicesWindows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Smart TVs (Android TV), Firestick, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch.
  • DNS Leak TestPassed
  • Prices from CA$3.19/month
  • Encryption Protocols256-bit AES, IKEv2, OpenVPN
  • No logs policy.
  • Website

Australian ex-pats living abroad, or holidaymakers staying in Australia might want to access video streaming platforms like TV shows, movies on, ITV Hub, and sports like the Australian football league. Alternatively, with a virtual private network, they can enjoy other countries’ services such as channel 9, BBC, and iPlayer when back at home.

Surfshark has servers located all over Australia. Surfshark is a good option for Aussie travelers or ex-pats in need of a VPN service. The unlimited connection systems allow for safety and streaming on any device. It is a top competitor in the Australian VPN market to get an Australian IP address in Canada without any hassle. Moreover, it has no usage cap so other users can also use it simultaneously.

This service offers 256-bit encryption and protection against WebRTC, IPv6, and DNS leaks to ensure your internet traffic cannot be cracked by snoopers. What’s more, it doesn’t track any personally identifiable information and you can sign up anonymously using cryptocurrency or a valid email address.

Surfshark speed test data

Region Speed
SurfShark Average Connection Speed – North America (USA) 180 Mbps
Average Connection Speed – Europe (UK) 250 Mbps
Average Connection Speed – Asia (Hong Kong) 200 Mbps

Surfshark is one of the fastest VPNs and is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, macOS (although manual installation is required), and Linux apps.


  1. Strong ability to unblock content.
  2. Good enough speeds for most of the tasks.
  3. No logs are maintained.
  4. VPN server locations are available on the official website.
  5. Affordable because of the low price.
  6. Protects all of your devices


  1. Currently small network.
  2. Some servers are slower.

SurfShark Australian servers

Surfshark Australian servers


CyberGhost VPN to get Australian IP address

  • Offers Australian IP address in Canada.
  • UnblockedNetflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Disney+, YouTube
  • Apps & DevicesWindows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Smart TVs (Android TV), Firestick, Xbox, Playstation
  • DNS Leak TestPassed
  • Encryption Protocols256-bit AES, OpenVPN
  • Devices Allowed7 on one account
  • A detailed list of server locations is available on the official website.
  • Prices from CA$2.88/month
  • Website

Over the last year, CyberGhost has undergone a major transformation after being acquired by an Israeli company registered in the UK. This investment has resulted in their network of servers growing in a very short time and solid encryption that’s made it possible for Cyberghost to be rated one of the quickest VPN providers on earth. At the moment it offers a choice of 104 servers in Australia and several servers all around the globe, part of a global network that numbers more than 5,700 servers sprinkled across 89 countries.

Our recommended VPN service includes a budget-friendly price, fast VPN servers, and encryption standards that are tough to beat. Other benefits include anti-malware, ad blocker, and tracking protection.

CyberGhost VPN is reliably able to unblock several geo-restricted domains including Netflix–putting it in an elite group of VPNs. It is considered one of the best options to get an Australian IP address in Canada that you can afford in case you are very tight on budget. It not just only hides your IP address but with its shared IP address allocation feature you can become super anonymous.

CyberGhost speed test data

Region Speed
CyberGhost Average Connection Speed – North America (USA) 88.9 Mbps
Average Connection Speed – Europe (UK) 74.8 Mbps
Average Connection Speed – Asia (Hong Kong) 49.3 Mbps

The company is headquartered and registered in Romania. As such, it is not subjected to any mandatory data retention local laws and it does not store any user data (no logging policy). The Kape technologies plc the parent company of CyberGhost has strict reviewing standards for user’s reviews published on the play store and app store to overcome any bugs or flaws reported by the users. Internet kill switches can be found on the OpenVPN protocol by default along with a 256-bit AES encryption with perfect forward secrecy enabled.


  1. Reasonable server presence in Australia.
  2. Great value provider with fast servers for streaming and downloading.
  3. Apps are a great option for novice users.
  4. The installation process takes less than a minute.
  5. Online privacy and security are paramount concerns.


  1. Blocked in China and UAE.
  2. Users don’t have access to advanced features.

CyberGhost Australian servers

CyberGhost Australia servers


ipvanish for Australian IP address

  • Availbility of Australian IP address in Canada.
  • Can unblock almost every streaming service.
  • Works on all Operating systems.
  • DNS protected.
  • 256 AES encryption.
  • Unlimited devices are allowed.
  • Prices from CA$3.36
  • Website

IPVanish manages almost 80 plus servers only in Australia and that makes you access Australian streaming content in Canada, It works seamlessly fine with Amazon Prime, channel 9, iPlayer, etc. IPVanish comes with AES 256-bit encryption which guarantees your data is protected. it is commonly used by KODI users because the interface of the app is just like a remote control.

The former is the case, in which an undesirable party gets access to your account and tries to decrypt past session information. IPVanish offers both an internet kill switch and leak protection, ensuring that no data is leaked if your connection goes down.

IPVanish speed test data

Region Speed
IPVanish Average Connection Speed – North America (USA) 82 Mbps
Average Connection Speed – Europe (UK) 33.3 Mbps
Average Connection Speed – Asia (Hong Kong) 58.2 Mbps

Servers are fast and secure. There are hundreds of US-based servers, which make up the majority of over 1,000 servers across the world. The applications are available for iOS, Windows, Android, macOS.


  1. Reliable speeds and fast connection time.
  2. 10 devices can log in at a time.
  3. Remote friendly.


  1. Cannot reliably unblock Netflix, or Hulu.
  2. Cryptocurrency is not accepted for a subscription.

IPVanish Australia servers

IPVanish Australia servers

How to get an Australian IP address for free in Canada


free vpn Australian servers ( Australia IP )


When you require a VPN service, advertisements for “free” services are unavoidable. With these types of ads, it’s tempting to sign up without a credit card or commitment since they promise the experience of a paid service. However, the ad’s allure typically ends with an unreliable and intrusive experience.

Some free VPNs may be limited in their features, offer weak encryption standards, and throttle your connection if too many people access the service. Some are known to steal user data and sell it to advertisers or other companies for profit. You might get lucky and be able to connect with an Australian server but you’ll experience a lot of problems.

While a free VPN should raise eyebrows because there’s a catch, find one that avoids features like headache-inducing popup advertisements or frequent cuts in service to convince you to upgrade for premium.

Our following recommendations will help you choose the right VPN provider to use no matter where in the world you currently reside.


You’ve decided on a VPN Great! What are the next steps?

We suggest our users use a VPN from a trusted provider. It is pretty easy to get a subscription from them. All you have to do is visit their website and purchase a subscription plan. Once you’re done with that download the application log into your account and select an Australian server from the list.  No Wucka’s mate now feels free to surf the internet as your VPN not only encrypts your data but also hides your IP address.

What are the other methods to get an Australian IP address in Canada?


Tor browser for Australia IP address


Besides a Virtual private network, there is another option to access Australian content in Canada but as far as the performance is concerned it is only used by politicians and journalists and it is not suitable for accessing streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. It is free for all and uses a top-notch encryption algorithm.

Another option is to use a free proxy server which is quite similar to a free VPN but they have data caps and availability of limited servers. Most importantly streaming web services like Netflix has already blocked proxies and there is very little chance of accessing other streaming platforms. Proxies never encrypt your data just a VPN does.

Australian IP address FAQs

There are two ways through which you can get an Australian IP address for free:

  1. Use Tor Browser.
  2. Use a free VPN.

  1. Download a VPN (we recommend ExpressVPN).
  2. Open the VPN application on your device.
  3. Select an Australian server.
  4. Finally, try to access blocked Australian service or site.

  It is quite easy to access Australian websites from overseas:

  1. Choose a VPN for your Windows, Android, Linux, macOS, or iOS device.
  2. We suggest our users use ExpressVPN.
  3. Sign in to your application.
  4. Select an Australian server.
  5. Now, try accessing an Australian website, that’s it!.

By using the application interface you will be able to see a list of available servers, expand the list select one server, and try t access a geo restricted website.

You can watch Australian open matches on ESPN and ESPN2.


Whatever way you choose out of the 3 mentioned above we still recommend you to use a VPN to keep your IP address safe from being traced. Moreover, a VPN will not only provide you with an extra security edge but will keep your data protected. In this guide on how to get an Australian IP address in Canada, we’ve discussed some major up-to-date security features plus, how to access Australian content from a different country. If you haven’t tried a VPN before then download and install ExpressVPN and give it a try.