7 Best Android apps to protect your IP address and privacy online

It’s understandable why customers in the digital era are concerned about privacy given the numerous high-profile cybersecurity hacks and data breaches that have occurred globally. Our worst suspicions regarding the existence of a sophisticated monitoring system were confirmed by the Snowden revelations from a few years ago, which increased our concerns.

Real worries exist in light of incidents like the Equifax and Cambridge Analytica attacks. Additionally, our cellphones are incredibly data-rich; they keep all of our emails, phone contacts, private images, banking details, text messages, and more. There would be a great deal of stress and worry if things were jeopardized. Read along to get the most out of the 7 Best Android apps to protect your IP address and privacy online.

Fortunately, there are several privacy programs accessible for the majority of popular operating systems. Android users have a wide variety to pick from—in fact, an overwhelming number. Therefore, we’ve chosen some of the best Android privacy apps that you might wish to download. Let’s go for it!. Check our guide on how to find your IP address if you are having a hard time finding your IP address.

Best Android applications for privacy

Best Android applications for privacy

Below are some apps that can protect your android devices from hackers.


Express VPN

Since we are young and reside in Brooklyn, where we frequently connect to public Wi-Fi networks, it should come as no surprise that the majority of our team of digital security experts own iPhones. ExpressVPN connected us quickly and easily, and thanks to a kill switch, we were still secured if our network was lost.

In addition to our iPhones, ExpressVPN performed admirably on our Mac and Windows laptops. Best of all, we were able to use both public and private networks simultaneously, which was useful since we multitask pretty much all the time.


Nord VPN

Now is a good time to start using a  (VPN) when browsing the internet if you haven’t already. There is a tonne of free VPNs available, but in this case, it actually pays to use a respected commercial service.

All data traveling to and from your gadget is encrypted by VPNs before being forwarded through a server located outside of your current location. This conceals your digital footprint and prevents hackers, snooping surveillance agencies, and other intrusive entities from tracking your online behavior.

Additionally, VPNs have the ability to unblock geo-restricted material like Disney+, Hulu, ESPN, and more. However, users who care about their privacy should find their encryption feature most appealing.

NordVPN is chosen because of its strong privacy and security measures, fast speeds, and extensive server network. Numerous VPNs have been analyzed by us, and NordVPN has regularly ranked among the quickest. This service adheres to a true no-logs policy, which means that it can never divulge what you do online, in contrast to the majority of free VPNs.



Without worrying about punishment, Surfshark made it simple for us to pirate and download tv shows And movies. This VPN gave us a distinct IP address each time we connected thanks to the unlimited devices per membership, which makes tracing considerably more difficult. However, there was also the option to keep the same IP address. Additionally, it supports both torrenting and Netflix streaming.



Although Atlas VPN is a newcomer to the VPN industry, we are already impressed with what it is capable of. With Data encryption and a rigorous privacy policy, we received all the security we would expect from a top-tier VPN. We also received a tonne of freebies, including unrestricted concurrent connections, IP addresses that change as we browse, and a free data leak monitor. In the upcoming months and years, we anticipate hearing a lot more about this VPN.

Signal private messanger

Signal private messanger

With messaging apps like WhatsApp and LINE gaining popularity, end-to-end encryption has become something of the norm. WhatsApp is controlled by the data-hungry behemoth Facebook, and there are persistent suspicions of a backdoor, but privacy aficionados can do further than WhatsApp.

Open Whisper Systems’ Signal Private Messenger is a communications service with a strong privacy focus. It has been a favorite of journalists and activists worldwide thanks to its open-source code and end-to-end encryption for all messages. Furthermore, since the code is open-source, anyone may audit it to confirm its security.

Duck Duck Go

Duck Duck Go

Without Google, we would be in worse shape, but it does gather a great amount of personal information. This enables it to provide those annoying targeted adverts each time we visit a website and to monitor our daily journey in order to provide us with more accurate travel recommendations. Naturally, some of Google’s practices are blatantly intrusive, and many customers sign up without realizing they are essentially consenting to continuous monitoring of their online activities.

DuckDuckGo is a various search engine that saves no information and makes an effort to restrict the data that sites and apps can learn about you. Because of its privacy protection features, you can only be tracked by those who are trying to follow you rather than being tracked yourself by advertising networks. Additionally, it makes an effort to force websites to use encrypted connections wherever possible, however, we still believe a VPN ought to be your first line of defense in this situation.


Proton mail

Google offers several forms of intrusive tracking in addition to search. Additionally, algorithms are being used within Gmail so that Google may deliver more individualized ads and recommendations. The fact that Gmail and many other well-known email providers are not end-to-end encrypted is what is most concerning.

Gmail and similar services are far less secure than ProtonMail. It was created by CERN scientists and is still available as open-source, allowing for code audits when needed.

How to protect your IP address on Android devices?

How to protect your IP address on Android devices?

Apply a VPN. The best approach to mask your Ip on Android is to utilize a VPN. Installing a program on your Android phone secures all of the information that the device transfers over the internet even before leaving your device. This is how a VPN works.

Why online privacy is very important?

Why online privacy is very important?

You might be shocked by how much of your private data hackers and snoopers can get their hands on. Inability to protect your information poses the risk of theft or cybercrime. Of course, no one wants the worry that such attacks cause. However, you can avoid dealing with this by safeguarding your online privacy with the top Android apps like ExpressVPN, Signal messenger, and ProtonMail.

Frequently asked questions

frequently asked question

  • VPNs
  • firewalls
  • secured messengers

  1.  screen lock.
  2. Use advance Privacy settings.
  3. Eradicate excess.
  4. Install trusted applications.
  5. Always use secured apps.
  6. Strengthen security by accomplishing these steps.

According to a Malwarebytes analysis, pre-installed spyware and adware have increased on Android users’ smartphones with the intention of either stealing data or stealing attention. This is because Android smartphones are more vulnerable to hacking. You must constantly monitor the behavior of your phone in order to secure your privacy.


We believe you learned something new today! we have tried to answer the most commonly asked questions like what can you do to protect your privacy online? and the best way to protect your privacy online. In this detailed guide on the 7 Best Android apps to protect your IP address and privacy online, we have tested some of the most secure apps ourselves so you do not have to.